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About Intrade International

We feel immense pleasure to present this new edition of our tools Website # 18 to our valued clients. Intrade international is famous for producing different hand tools like, jewelry making, watch making, optical tools, metal working and craftsmen.

When the company started working about 20 years ago, it has a small place and a few skilled workers, working in a village of Sialkot but with the passage of time we got lot of encouragement from our buyers for our quality, delivery and services.

We developed new products as per the specifications given by our valued clients and keeping in view to produce high quality articles we have added new machinery and tools to our factory. We now have 14,000 square feet premises having all the production facilities like forging, filing, machining, riveting, grinding, checking, polishing, etching & packaging, which is an evidence of our progress we made since the years Intrade came into existence.

To ensure that we meet with the European and international quality standards, we have ISO-9001:2000 certification for the last 10 years. This is another step towards making quality products and instruments for our worthy buyers. We also have attained CE mark which is a significant sign of making quality tools.

Ever since we have established this company, we have the keen wish to develop new products and market them all over the World. We believe that the policies we have been working along have given us a boost in our business and also created trust of our buyers in our company. We always welcome the feedbacks by our buyers and never hesitate to implement their kind suggestions to achieve new opportunities.

We strictly believe in doing honest business and have commitment to serve with high quality tools for all times to come.


Best Regards,
Muhammad Aslam
Chief Executive